I bought a Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster?*
from Auto Europe Sales, 677 S Eton, Birmingham MI 48009
General Manager Bret Abraham bret@autoeuropesales.com
I went to the DMV Office to register the Jaguar.
But they denied, because the VIN of the car is a Coupé 2+2
A DMV Officer told me why not:"the Jaguar could be a stolen car".
And also:"We could confiscate the car".
The title doesn't belong to the Jaguar Roadster.
Where is the Coupé and where is the title of the Roadster?
Down below you can read the original ad plus pics.
More pics and Videos click here
* Compare "Datenblatt Variante D.2 and D.3" with the pics above!
The Roadster should be a Coupe 2+2 means the title and the plate doesn't belong to the car!
Compare Body Style with Vehicle - Engine No.
Now go to the Jaguar Heritage site, click, at the bottom you will see that the Roadster should be a Coupe 2+2
1972 Jaguar E-Type
The E-Type Series 3 was introduced in 1971, with a new 5.3 L twelve-cylinder all aluminum engine, uprated brakes and standard power steering. The brand new V12 engine was originally developed for the Le Mans series. It was equipped with four Zenith carburetors. The V12 engine produced 203 kW (272 hp), much more torque and an acceleration of 0-60 mph in less than 7 seconds. The V12 was available only as a convertible and 2+2 coupe using a longer wheelbase and offering significantly more room in all directions. The Series 3 is easily identifiable by the large cross-slatted front grille, flared wheel arches, wider tires, four exhaust tips and V12 badging on the rear boot cover. In 1971 and 1972 cars sported small bumperettes that actually complement Malcome Sayers original slippery design. Later Series 3 Cars bound for the US market were fitted with large projecting rubber bumper over-riders (in 1973 these were on front, in 1974 both front and rear). Most Series 3 cars left the factory with solid steel disc wheels with hub caps and trim rings. Purchased from one of our long term customers. Our car is a solid unrestored example that can be enjoyed as is and later restored. The engine comes to life easily thanks to a recent carburetor rebuild and balancing. The engine runs cool and has had a new header tank installed. The fuel tank has been relined. The transmission shifts as it should and shows no slippage under acceleration. The cars braking and hydraulic systems operate as they should. The paint condition is "serviceable". The car was originally Silver which makes sense as the original interior color is navy blue. Our mechanic has inspected and driven the car. Options added to this car at time of order: Wire Wheels, Air Conditioning, and an Automatic transmission. This is an exceptional opportunity to own an e-type at sub market pricing.
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